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Steel Authority of India’s Rourkela Steel Plant has initiated a new project of utilising waste plastic in road construction, the first such initiative taken up in Odisha.
As a pilot project, a one km stretch of road between Rourkela Club to Shaktinagar Chowk in Sector-2, Rourkela has been constructed mixing shredded waste plastic in road tar.
Rourkela Steel Plant initiated the process as per Indian Road Congress Guidelines, an official statement said.
After door to door collection of domestic garbage, waste plastic is segregated at different intermediate garbage stations spread across the Steel Township, which is then collected and transported to an exclusive store at Sector-15 constructed for this purpose. The plastic waste material is shredded thereafter using the facilities of local recyclers, and transported to Hot Mix Plant to mix with the aggregates used for tar concrete. When the aggregate is heated,the plastic gets coated uniformly over the aggregate within 30 to 60 seconds, giving an oily look. The plastic-waste-coated aggregate is mixed with hot tar and the resulting mix is used for road construction.
Rourkela Steel Plant’s initiative comes at a time when it is carrying out road repair jobs in the township using in-house road tar. SAIL said its plants have plans to lay more such green roads with waste plastic in the coming months, in a significant step towards Swachh Bharat.
Plastics pose a serious threat to environment since most of them are non-bio degradable. An estimate says that out of the total plastic waste generated in India, about 60% gets recycled, while the rest 40% litters and chokes the environment. Burning of plastic in the open also causes serious health hazards for the people around as it emits carcinogenic gases.

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