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Fly Ash Brick (FAB) – as the name suggest Brick made of Fly Ash. Now what is Fly Ash? Ash generated from boiler after combustion of Coal in Thermal Power Plant. FAB is an eco-friendly alternate to conventional clay bricks. Fly Ash Brick can easily replace Clay Bricks in all areas of application.

Uses of Fly Ash Brick:

  • * Construction of Outer and Partition wall of building
  • * Construction of Wall boundary
  • * Construction of Drain, Septic tank, Water tank
  • * Use in footpath, Sidewalk, Driveway
  • * Use in Garden & Landscaping
  • * Construction of floors
  • * Construction of arches and cornices
  • * Construction of brick retaining wall

Usage Instruction:
No specialised skill or technique required to use Fly Ash Brick. It can be used exactly the way red bricks are used. No specialised adhesive required. Regular cement-sand mortar is used for jointing & plastering.

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